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2023 Dartford Warbler Survey

Dartford Warbler image Dartford Warbler © Nigel Matthews Hampshire Ornithological Society is organising a survey of Dartford Warblers in Hampshire during 2023. We know that Dartford Warbler populations fluctuate widely as a result of winter weather conditions but this survey will also help us monitor long-term trends and identify their preferred habitats.

All 1km squares where Dartford Warblers have been seen in April, May and June between 2017 and 2022 are being surveyed. On this website volunteer surveyors can request to survey one or more squares in the New Forest, and when approved, download all survey instructions and recording forms. Breeding sites in the north and east of Hampshire and along the coast are being organised directly with current volunteers.

To get started, view the county map to see the available survey squares.

View map of survey square allocation status View map of survey results

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